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Finding Funding

External funding

Use the following tools to search for available grant opportunities through the government and other external agencies.

Internal funding

We offer support for faculty-led research projects through four internal grant programs:

  • Faculty research grants (FRG) provide funding of up to $6,000 for conduct, completion and expansion of research projects.  Priority is given to projects most likely to enable development of new projects and programs, expand applicants' research programs beyond their current scope, or enable ongoing programs to have expanded impact.
  • Faculty innovation grants (FIG) provide up to $25,000 to support conduct of research, with the goal of launching new research projects that can continue well beyond the period of the FIG grant, taking existing research in promising new directions, or otherwise expanding sustainable research programs beyond their current scope. 
  • Collaborative Research Opportunity (CORE) Grants provide up to $60,000 for conduct of research with the goal of establishing and growing productive and competitive multi-faculty research programs.  The program supports faculty teams that, through their combinations of perspectives and capabilities, can distinguish themselves in the academic community, with partners and constituents in society, and with funding sources, for the novelty, relevance and value of their work. 
  • Accelerator Grants support teams of Lehigh investigators in developing multi-investigator research programs in particularly promising areas.  Based on a team’s identification of a major, specific area of opportunity and ways in which it can excel in that area, these grants provide significant flexibility in use of the grant funds.  Teams are expected to use these grants to broaden and quicken their access to extramural support, at levels that enable them to sustain highly productive multi-investigator programs.  These grants should enable an already strong group to grow a funded program more rapidly than would have been likely otherwise.
  • Cluster hiring and development
    Cluster development and hiring is aimed at assembling faculty around an interdisciplinary theme, area of interest or problem, and should result in providing the critical mass necessary to affect important new areas of scholarship, teaching, and research. For more information, visit the Cluster Initiative website.




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