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FRG Awards - Fall 2011

PI and CO

PI Department


Bearn, G. (Prof.)


Life Drawing: An Aesthetics of Existence

Hoelscher, E. (Assoc. Prof.)


Envisioning Joe Turner's Come And Gone; An August Wilson Masterpiece In Philadelphia, PA

Jellison, K. (Assoc. Prof.)
Camp, A. (Asst. Prof.)

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Biological Sciences

Protein Expression In Cryptosporidium Oocysts Exposed To Solar Radiation

Kramp, D. (Assoc. Prof.)


Archival Work At The Wellcome Trust And The Victoria And Albert Museum

Lowe-Krentz, L. (Prof.)

Biological Sciences

A Model For Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration

Nikolov, N. (Asst. Prof.)

Arts, Architecture & Design

Use Of Environmental Parameters In Building Envelope Design And Optimization

SenGupta, A. (Prof.)

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Developing Arsenic And Fluoride Removal Technology In South And Southeast Asia

Viscardi, A. (Prof.)

Arts, Architecture & Design

Shadow Mapping : The Transformation of Time and Space

Warfield, W. (Assoc. Prof.)


"A Window That Shows Me the Moon", a recording

Weiss, R. (Prof.)


Philosophers by Nature / Philosophers by Design: Two Paradigms in Plato's Republic


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