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FRG Guidelines

Program Description

The intent of the faculty research grant program is to support Lehigh faculty members in developing continuity of research programs, and impact from their research, that would not otherwise be possible.  The program supports work that is not currently supported by existing resources, an external grant, gift or endowment.  Priority will be given to those proposals that are likely to enable development of a new research focus, expand applicants' research programs beyond their current scope, or enable ongoing programs to have expanded impact. The program does not support curriculum development or work that is part of a scheduled course.


For academic year 2016-2017 grants will be limited to a maximum $6,000.


All tenure track or tenured faculty who have received fewer than three FRG awards in the period from Spring semester 2010 through Fall semester 2014 are eligible to apply.  For an application to be considered, applicants must have completed all required reports for past awards under all Lehigh internal grant programs.

Allowable Costs

FRG awards are viewed as an investment in faculty research and its broad impact. Awards may be used for a broad range of research-related expenses provided that a clear case is made that the expenses are essential to the project. Grant funds may be used for the purchase of research materials including books unavailable through the library system, access to off-campus research materials, lab supplies, travel necessary to perform research, manuscript preparation, necessary publication costs, necessary travel and other costs of performing research and effectively disseminating outcomes. Travel to disseminate outcomes may be supported, but will be given lower priority.

Non-allowable Costs

Grant funds cannot be used for faculty salaries, the purchase of general-purpose equipment and computers, visiting faculty, course development or purchase of reprints.  Grant funds cannot be used for reimbursement of costs incurred prior to submission of the application.

To Apply

Electronic submission of proposals is required.

Proposals must be submitted as a single file in Adobe PDF format. Pages must have margins of at least one inch. Exclusive of figures, text must be 11 points or larger in size.

Applications MUST include:

  1. A Cover Sheet including
  • A descriptive project title, suitable for publication on our public web site.
  • Name, position, and department of each participating faculty member. The first faculty member listed will serve as correspondent and will be responsible for all deliverables and management of the budget.
  • As applicable, a note regarding the status (e.g., approved, applied for, to be applied for) of any required IRB/IACUC approval for the project.  If IRB/IACUC approval is already in place, please provide the date of approval.  Please refer to our Research Integrity web page at
  1. Abstract: Three to five sentences giving a clear and concise description of the project’s objectives, proposed methodology and anticipated results in layman’s terms. Include start and end dates for the project.  Unless approved by our office, the date should be no longer than twelve months from the proposed start date.
  2. Budget: Provide an itemized budget including amounts in categories including personnel, materials and supplies, travel, etc. Provide sufficient detail for reviewers to understand how the budget items support the completion of the project.  For personnel, you must provide pay rates such as hourly rate, per-page rate for editing or indexing, etc.  The budget must be appropriate to the specific needs of the research project.
  3. A listing of all internal Lehigh grants and external grants completed within the past two years, currently active, and currently pending.  In any case in which a non-specialist might perceive the FRG application to support work already funded by the completed, pending or current grant, provide a brief explanation of how the work and its goals are different.
  4. Narrative:  Provide two or three pages briefly describing the proposed work.  The narrative should include the project’s objectives, proposed methodology and anticipated results. It should provide a clear statement as to how FRG funding will allow you to take your research beyond where it could have gone with existing resources and what opportunities this may present for you as well as Lehigh.

Please keep in mind that your proposal will be reviewed by a faculty committee with members who may not be familiar with your specific area of study.  Therefore, it is important that technical terminology be kept to a minimum and that the project be described in a manner that can be readily appreciated by non-specialists.  In addition to providing reviewers with appreciation of the potential of the project, it should enable them to understand the necessity of each budget item to the completion of the work.  

Proposal Deadline

Full proposals must be submitted electronically to and received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline.

Review Process

Lehigh’s Internal Review Committee (IRC) will review proposals. IRC members are nominated by their deans in accord with their experience and representation of the scope of research endeavors at Lehigh. Awards will be made by the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies based on the recommendations of the review panel.

Evaluation Criteria

The principal criterion considered by the review committee of a proposal is its relevance to Lehigh University’s commitment to excellent scholarship, research, and creative work.  Applications will also be evaluated according to these criteria:

  • Potential impact of the proposed project.  Will the grant support outstanding scholarly work that would not otherwise be possible?  Will it enhance the breadth of impact of the work, e.g., through dissemination, access by broad audiences or translation to practice?  Will it aid the faculty scholars in sustaining or growing their research programs?
  • Likelihood of success, based upon the qualifications and past accomplishments of the applicants and their presentation of a sound plan for use of and FRG award.
  • Budget and personnel. Is the budget appropriate for the proposed work? If a team project, is every member making a substantive contribution?

Expenditures and Grant Management

If you receive an award, an individual research account will be established. It is the responsibility of the awardee to assure that the funds are spent in pursuit of the objectives described in the application and in accordance with the proposal budget.  Funds remaining at the end of the 12-month award period will revert to our office to support future research projects.

Reporting Requirements

A brief report on outcomes of the project is due in the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies one month after the end of the grant period, using a form to be provided by our office.

Contact Information

Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to

Office of Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies • Lehigh University • 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015 • (610) 758-5212