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FRG - Spring 2013

PI and Co-PI
PI Department
Ambar, S.
(Asst. Professor)
Political Science "American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Defense of Liberalism in America"
Austin, K.
(Asst. Professor)           
Sociology and Anthropology "HIV, Malaria, and Human Health in Project Bumwalikani: A Preliminary Investigation of Health NGOs and Services in Rural Uganda"

Bush, M.
(Asst. Professor)

Modern Languages and Literatures

"Abstraction and Political Potentiality in Contemporary Latin American Art"
Gans, L. (Professor) Art, Architecture & Design "Printing from the Edge"
Gill, M.
(Asst.  Professor)
Psychology "Singing for Solidarity: Behavioral and Hormonal Evidence that Shared Singing Builds Intragroup Affiliation and Trust"
Laible, D.
(Asst. Professor)
Psychology "Maternal Parenting Goals: Links with Sensitivity and Children's Moral Development"
Lee, K.
(Assoc. Professor)
Modern Languages and Literatures "Beyond ‘power and solidarity’: Indexing intimacy in Japanese terms of address"
Nicholas, M.
(Assoc. Professor)
Modern Languages and Literatures "Mapping Moscow Conceptualism"

Salas, J. (Asst. Professor) 

Lee, H. (Asst. Professor)



"Why are family firms more valuable than non-family firms?"
Small, D. (Professor) Sociology and Anthropology "Testing the Application of Complexity Theory to the Study of Bronze Age Crete"

Snyder, M.
(Asst. Professor) 

Mittal, J.
(Asst. Professor)


Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

"Engineering structural and compositional diversity of porous inorganic materials through mediated, multi-modal particle assembly"
Whitehouse, B.
(Asst. Professor)
Sociology and Anthropology "Modern Multiple Marriage? Researching Persistent Polygyny in Bamako, Mali”


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