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Contact Us: Environmental Health and Safety

Our environmental health and safety efforts provide a safe and healthful environment for the entire Lehigh community, including those who visit the university. The office performs inspections, surveys, and monitoring to identify existing and potential hazards. Regulatory compliance and the elimination and/or reduction in frequency and severity of hazards and accidents is accomplished by the development and implementation of health and safety programs and procedures. The office conducts routine audits and follows up on recommendations and program requirements to measure compliance with government regulations and to determine the effectiveness of established programs. The office provides training, information, and technical assistance concerning safety practices, procedures, and control techniques to all University departments. This office is the official contact point for outside regulatory agencies and emergency response actions for spills, fires, and unplanned releases of hazardous materials.

211 Warren Square
Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-4251

Barbra A. Plohocki
Tel: (610) 758-3643

Elaine Kuchera
Assistant Director
Tel: (610) 758-4248

Randolph Shebby
Assistant Director
Tel: (610) 758-6240

Janine Papach
Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (610) 758-4251

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