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FIG Awards 2012

PI and CoPI

PI Department


Berger, B. (Asst. Prof.)


Engineering enhanced alginate lyase activity and stability for treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.

Bishop, MJ (Assoc. Prof.)
Calhoon, M. (Assoc. Prof.)

Education and Human Services
Education and Human Services

Exploring the Promise of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps to Improve Middle School Students' Spatial Reasoning Skills
Brown, D. (Assoc. Prof.) Civil and Environmental Engineering Enhancement of the design and operation of engineered biological reactors

Gilchrist. J. (Assoc. Prof.)
Snyder, M. (Asst. Prof.)

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Porous thin film MgO Membranes for Molten Salt Batteries
Kumar, S. (Asst. Prof.) Electrical and Computer Engineering New design architectures for the realization of a room-temperature terahertz semiconductor laser
Laible, D. (Assoc. Prof.) Psychology Parent-adolescent conversations about moral dilemmas: Links with moral identity, moral values, and behavior

Lasker, J. (Prof.)

Sociology and Anthropology "Giving Back": The Value of Short -Term Volunteer Programs in Global Health
Pires, M. (Asst. Prof.)
Thevenin, D. (Asst. Prof.)


Selective Delivery of Anti-cancer Agents using novel Tumor-Targeting Vehicles

SenGupta, A. (Prof.)
Snyder, M. (Asst. Prof.)

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Energy-Free Desalination of Sea and Brackish Water Using Waste Acid through A Novel Ion Exchange Membrane Process
Stavola, M. (Prof.) Physics Fundamental studies of silicon materials for the cost-competitive generation of solar electricity
Tactic-Lucic, S. (Assoc. Prof.) Electrical and Computer Engineering Fabrication and Characterization of Submersible Electrostatic Lateral Actuator


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