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CORE Awards - Spring 2015

PI and Co-PI Department Title
Jaworski, J. (Asst. Professor)
Moored, K. (Asst. Professor)
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Development of a Unified Fast Computational Framework for Flui-Structure Interactions and Noise Generation of Biologically-Inspired Flexible Wings
Dierolf, V. (Professor)
Tansu, N. (Professor)
Physics/Materials Science and Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
A novel approach for monolithic integration of the red color for solid state lighting and color displays
Bocchini, P. (Asst. Professor)
Buceta, J. (Assoc. Professor)
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chemical Engineering/Biomolecular Engineering
Functional Quantization of Ebola Zoonotic Spreading:  A Kernel for the Establishment of a Research Thrust on Stochastic Computation and Random Functions (SCaRF) at Lehigh
Rotkin, S. (Professor)
Jedlicka, S. (Asst. Professor)
Voloshin, A. (Professor)
Materials Science and Engineering/BioE
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics/BioE
New approaches in continuum mechanosensing of cells
Jellison, K. (Assoc. Professor)
Jedlicka, S. (Asst. Professor)
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Engineering new tools for prevention of waterborne disease:  Wateway deployed devices for Cryptosporidium detection


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