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Fast Track Faculty Research Grant (FT-FRG)

The intent of the fast track faculty to research grant program is to enable members of the Lehigh faculty to take advantage of a time-limited opportunity to advance their research programs. Applicants must make a compelling case for funding under the fast track program. Typically, this will involve a time-limited need or opportunity that will have passed prior to the expected November or April funding of regular FRG grants. Applications suitable for the regular once-per-semester FRG program will not be considered.

In addition to the clear need for a rapid funding decision, award criteria for this program include the same criteria used for the regular FRG program. As for the regular FRG program, priority will be given to those proposals that are likely to enable development of a new research focus, expand applicants' research programs beyond their current scope, or enable ongoing programs to have expanded impact. The program does not support curriculum development or work that is part of a scheduled course. The program cannot be used to supplant funding from an existing source such as an external grant, gift of endowment.

For academic year 2017-2018 grants will be limited to a maximum $6,000.

A Fast-Track FRG application may be submitted at any time in the academic from September 1 through May 1, except for the period from two weeks prior to one week after the regular FRG grant deadline. For Spring semester 2018, Fast Track applications may be submitted through January 24 and from February 17 through May 1.

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Office of Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies • Lehigh University • 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015 • (610) 758-5212