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Information on the government shutdown for faculty

Updated October 18, 2013 - With a continuing resolution in place and government workers back on the job, federal agencies have begun the process of dealing with backlogs and getting back to normal workflow. Some systems, such as NIH Commons, will remain unavailable for a few days, as agencies assure that they can handle the flood of delayed submissions.  Others, such as NSF Fastlane, are up and running.  Revised due dates are being determined and cancelled review panels are being rescheduled.  In terms of the proposal-review-award pipeline, the effects will persist far beyond the 16-day shutdown.  Please continue your work so that your materials can be in the queue as the agencies take on the backlog, and of course please be understanding of your program manager's circumstances.  

Investigators' circumstances vary significantly by agency, program, where you are in your budget cycle, etc.  Please work with your Contract and Grant Specialist who will help you according to your circumstances and what guidance we, and you, are getting from your agency.  

Specific announcements from NSF and NIH are below.


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