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FIG - 2014 Awards

PI and Co PI PI Department Title
Austin, K. (Asst. Prof.) Sociology & Anthropology The effectiveness of "Ngo-ization":  NGOs and health in Uganda
Biaggio, I. (Professor) Physics Poled non-centrosymmetric self-assembly of organic molecules for ultra-high-speed electro-optics

Brown, A. (Asst. Professor)
Mittal, J. (Asst. Professor)

Chemical Engineering Synergistic experimental and computational characterization and design of cholesterol recognition/amino acid consensus (CRAC) motifs

Chuah, M. (Assoc. Prof.)
Spletzer, J. (Assoc. Prof.)

Computer Science & Engineering

Towards Improving Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Models for Service Robots Working with Vulnerable Populations
Chupa, A. (Assoc. Prof.) Art, Architecture & Design In the Ditch: The Art Quilt and Longarm Machine Quilting Original Fivefold Symmetries and Two-Level Designs
Heflin, J. ( Assoc. Prof.) Computer Science & Engineering Novel query Processing Techniques for Extremely Heterogeneous Big Data

Hochbein, C. (Asst. Prof.)
Dever, B.  (Asst. Prof.)
White, G. (Professor)

Educational Leadership
School Psychology
Educational Leadership

Lending and Learning in a Village: Assessing Leadership Activity and Student Outcomes in Community Schools
Jaworski, J. (Asst. Prof.) Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Analytical Predictions of Aerodynamic Penalties for Silent Porous Airfoils
Misiolek, W. (Professor)
Vinci, R. (Professor)
Materials Science & Engineering Method for customized mass production of inorganic medical implants - proof of concept
Moore, D. (Asst. Prof.) Chemistry Experimental synthesis and characterization of unusual oxygen allotropes via photo-triggered neutralization of mass-selected cations in inert, cryogenic matrices
Ou-Yang, H. (Professor) Physics Investigation of osmotic equilibrium of protein solutions in an external force for measuring protein-protein interactions
Pires, M. (Asst. Prof.) Chemistry Discovery of D-amino Acid Derivatives as Novel Disrupters of Bacterial Biofilms
Venkitasubramaniam,P. (Asst. Prof.) Electrical & Computer Engineering Minimizing Information Leakage in Cyber Physical Systems

Vermaak, N. (Asst. Prof.)
Krick, B. (Asst. Prof.)

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Design and Optimization for Wear of Bi-Material Composite Surfaces
Woodhouse, S. (Assoc. Prof.) Counseling Psychology Community Engagement in Research to Promote Positive Parenting and Child Behavior: Integrating Mental Health and the Circle of Security-Parenting Intervention


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