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FIG - 2016 Awards

PI and Co-PI Department Title
Burger, M. Biological Sciences Developmental Determination of Central Auditory Physiology by the Inner Ear
Cassimeris, L.
Huang, X.
Biological Sciences
Endoplastic Reticulum Stress and Hyperinsulinemia in Human Type 2 Diabetes and Equine Laminitis
Dolan, E. English Charlotte Smith's Family Diaspora and the Building of the British Empire
Flowers, R. Chemistry Applications of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis Using Titanocene(III) Reagents
Jagota, A.
Zhang, F.
Experimental and Computational Study of Ebola Virus-Host Cell Interaction
Jedlicks, S. MSE Surgical stem cell intervention: Cellular analysis and methodological improvements
Kern, L. School Psychology Pathway 360°: Improving Secondary Students’ College and Career Readiness
Kodama, K. EES Paleointensity of the 1.3 billion year old Gardar Lava flows, Greenland: Did the inner core of the Earth nucleate 1.3 billion years ago?
Kumar, S. ECE Development of sensitive THz radiation detectors operating above 77 K
Laible, D. Psychology Children's attitudes and prosocial tendencies towards out-group members
McIntosh, S. ChemE A high energy and power density all solid-state hybrid battery/supercapacitor for mobile applications
Rice, A. Biological Sciences Learning and memory abilities as sources of selection against hybrid chickadees
Suleiman, M. CEE Innovative Bio-inspired Materials for Soil Treatment to Improve the Sustainability and Resilience of Civil Infrastructures
Vicic, D. Chemistry Metal-Catalyzed Methods for the Incorporation of the SF5 and N(CF3)2 Groups Into Organic Substrates


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