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FIG Awards - 2013

PI and Co PI PI Department Title
Davison, B. (Assoc. Prof.) Computer Science & Engineering Detecting Biases in Online News Media
Iovine, K. (Assoc. Prof.) Biological Sciences Determining the role of the extracellular matrix during zebrafish fin regeneration
Kodama, K. (Professor) Earth & Environmental Sciences Using Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy to determine the duration of the Shuram C-isotope excursion in the Neoproterozoic (555 Ma)

Lamadrid, A. (Asst. Prof.)

Zuluaga, L. (Asst. Prof.)


Industrial & Systems Engineering

Economic Dispatch, Optimal Power Flow, and Unit Commitment: A Novel Solution Approach
McIntosh, S. (Asst. Prof.) Chemical Engineering Enabling Fuel Cell Technology for Efficient Utilization of Natural Gas-A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
Pamukcu, S. ( Professor) Civil & Environmental Engineering Polymer Grafted Smart Sands for In-Situ Fluid Separation

Sawyer, B.  (Asst. Prof.) 

Mantz, P. (Assoc. Prof.)

Teaching, Learning, & Technology                     

School Psychology     

The Formation of a Parent-Teacher Community of Practice to Support the Language Development of Preschool Dual Language Learners
Small, D. (Professor) Sociology & Anthropology Testing the Applicationof Complexity Theory to the Study of Bronze Age Crete
Thiele, A. (Assoc. Prof.) Industrial & Systems Engineering Robust Decision-Making Models for Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations
Toulouse, J. (Professor) Physics Collective Dynamics of Mixed(1-x/x Systems: Relaxor Ferroelectrics and Thermoelectrics
Webb, E. (Assoc. Prof.) Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Atomic Scale Models of Nanoparticle Suspension Droplets
Zeitler, P. (Professor) Earth & Environmental Sciences Plenty of nothing: quantifying the decay of orogens and the birth of stable cratons


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