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FRG Awards - Fall 2008

PI and CO

PI Department


Anderson, A. (Asst.Prof.)
Brown, J. (Asst. Prof.)
Buchholtz, A.
Gupta, P. (Prof.)
Myers,D. (Prof. of Practice)

Finance and Law
Finance and Law

Board Performance and Standard Regression Analysis

Bush, M. (Asst. Prof.)

Modern Languages and Literature

Jose Maria Arguedas

Cheng, X. (Asst. Prof.)

Materials Science

Nanoporous Membranes for Whole Particle Viral Processing and Detection at the Point of Care

Felzer, B. (Asst. Prof.)

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Effect of the Terrestrial Ecosystem on Freshwater Input to the Arctic and the 'Global Conveyor Belt'

Forsyth, A. (Assoc. Prof)

Art and Architecture

Hardanger Fiddles and Norwegian Music

Fritschmann, N. (Asst. Prof.)
Shapiro, E. (Professor)

Special Education
School Psychology

Low Cost Measuring and Predicting Reading Comprehension in Elementary School

Gillroy, J. (Prof.)

International Relations

Philosophical-Policy & International Law as Hegelian Dialectic: Toward a Synthesis of Justice and Order

Kodama, K.P. (Prof.)

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Paleomagnetic and Inclination Flattening Study of the Triassic-Jurassic Moenave Formation, Colorado Plateau: Investigating Differences in the Paleomagnetic Poles from eastern and western North America

Moglen, S. (Assoc. Prof.)


Bethlehem book project

Pettegrew, J. (Assoc. Prof.)


History American Diaspora against War: Costa Rica & British Columbia, 1951 - 1973

Peytcheva, M. (Asst. Prof.)
Yu, W. (Asst. Prof.)


Effects of Experiential and Non-Experiential Knowledge on Auditor Performance

Silova, I. (Prof.)

Education and Human Services

Percy Hughes and the History of Education at Lehigh University

Small, D. (Prof.)

Sociology and Anthropology

The Sky Witness Excavation, Honduras

Ware, V. (Assoc. Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Alternative Splicing of Ribosomal ProteinsL22 and L22-like: Is there Ribosome Diversity within Drosophila malanogaster?

Zhang, L. (Assoc. Prof.)


Mathematics research Beijing University

Zhang, Y. (Asst. Prof.)

Sociology and Anthropology

The Lives and Times of the Iron Girls: Evolving Gender Identity under Social Transformations



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