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FRG Awards - Fall 2009

PI and CO

PI Department


Bean, B. (Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Roles of a sperm enzyme in the development of the embryo

Bush, M. (Asst. Prof.)

Modern Languages and Literature

Poetic Justice: Melodrama and the Latin American Social Novel

Foltz, M. (Asst. Prof.)


Learning from the Landfill: Contemporary American Fiction in Conversation with Fluxus Art

Gordon, S. (Prof.)


William Henry - translation

Holland, B. (Asst. Prof.)
Hargreaves, B. (Assoc. Prof.)

Political Science
Earth and Environmental Science

Particulates Puzzle: Is PM2.5 Exposure Correlated with Asthma Hotspots in Lehigh Valley

Jones, M. (Asst. Prof.)

Art, Architecture and Design 

Book Design: Blending Tradition with Technology

Lai, E. (Asst. Prof.)


Authority and Communication: An Experimental Study

Silova, I. (Prof.)

Education and Human Services

In Pursuit of Critical Inquiry: Percy Hughes and His Students at Lehigh University

Swann, J. (Assoc. Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Hormonal Mechanisms of Reproductive Behaviors in the Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania Nicrof Asciatum)

Wood, B. (Asst. Prof.)

Special Education

Efficacy of a Function-Based Intervention in Drecreaing the Food Refusal of Two Elementary Students At-Risk for Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Yang, K. (Asst. Prof.)


Social Networks in Corporate Finance

Yang, M. (Asst. Prof.)


Peer Effects in Health-Related Outcomes Among Adolescents



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