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FRG Awards - Fall 2010

PI and CO

PI Department


Berger, B. (Asst. Prof.)

Chemical/Biological Engineering

Investigating Calcitonin Receptor Signaling in Cardiovascular Disease

Gans, L. (Prof.)

Architecture, Art & Design

Things I Never Told You: a hand printed series of lithographs with text

Gillroy, J. (Prof.)

International Relations


Philosophical-Policy & International Law As Hegelian Dialectic: Toward A Synthesis of Justice & Order: Phase ll

Kramp, D. (Assoc. Prof.)


Research Trip to Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England

Laible, D. (Assoc. Prof.)


Bystanders in Bullying: What factors distinguish those who are passive, involved, and defenders of victims?

Liu, Y. (Asst. Prof.)

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Molecular Dynamic Study of Nano-patterning by Shadow Edge Lithography

Munson, Z. (Assoc. Prof.)

Sociology & Anthropology

Organizing Political Violence: Strategy, Ideology, and the Development of Terrorist Groups

Nikolov, N. (Asst. Prof.)

Architecture, Art & Design

Architecture of Dissappearance: Anderson Todd in Detail

Price, S. (Asst. Prof.)


The relationship between board composition and institutional ownership: Evidence from REITs

Spletzer, J. (Prof.)

Computer Science & Engineering

Prototype Development of a Helmet-mounted Mapping and Positioning System for First Responders

Storer, R. (Prof.)
Drobic, V. (Prof.)

Industrial & Systems Engineering                                  Mathematics

FRG proposal for the Purchase of Detailed Historical Options Price Data for Research in Financial Mathematics and Engineering

Wiseman, A. (Assoc. Prof.)


Math and Science Learning Using Electronic Gaming in Disadvantaged Communities in South Africa


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