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FRG Awards - Fall 2012

PI and Co-PI
PI Department
Chupa, A.
(Assoc. Professor)
Art, Architecture & Design "New Orleans Tradition through a Nineteenth Century Photogrqaphic Printing Process"
Gillroy, J. (Professor)            International Relations and Earth and Environmental Sciences "Eighteenth Century Idealism In The Collected Papers of R.G. Collingwood"

Hojnoski, R.(Assoc. Professor) 

Wood, B. (Asst. Professor)

Education and Human Services

Education and Human Services

"Initial Development of Behavioral Observation Tool for Use in Early Education Settings"
Jung, H. (Asst. Professor) Art, Architecture & Design "The John B. Pierce Foundation's Contribution to Public Health Program, Prefabricated Housing Research and Modern Architecture"
Katakalos, M.
(Asst. Professor)
Theatre "The New Play Design Lab"

Keetley,  D.
(Assoc. Professor)

English "Better Angels": The Walking Dead's Allegories of the Social and Posthuman
Lee, K. (Assoc. Professor) Modern Languages and Leteratures "Constructing the Heritage Language Learner: Knowledge, Power, and New Subjectivities"

Li, M. (Asst. Professor) 

Dong, B.(Asst. Professor)



"Failures at Self-Service Terminals and Attribution Styles:  a Cross Culture Comparison"
Vinci, R. (Professor) Materials Science and Engineering "Preliminary studies of bioresorbable bioglass-polymer composites for temporary bone replacement"
Viscardi, A. ( Professor) Art, Architecture & Design "Shadow mapping: The Transformation of Time and Space"
Warfield, W.
(Assoc. Professor)
Music "Create a jazz trumpet concerto recording with Randy Brecker"


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