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FRG - Fall 2013

PI and Co-PI PI Department Title

Brown, D. (Assoc. Professor)
Berger, B. (Asst. Professor)

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chemical Engineering

"Creation of a surface-anchored pHluorin on the E. coli outer mambrane and its application to the study of cellular bioenergetics"

Chen,B. (Asst. Professor)
Spear, M. (Asst. Professor)
Webb, E. (Assoc. Professor)         

Computer Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

"Parallel algorithms for stuctural analytics in Materials Science and Structural Biology"
Chupa, A. (Professor) Art, Architecture and Design "Large Scale Self-similar Textile Designs Inspired by Islamic Tilings"
Crassons, K. (Assoc. Professor) English "Signs of Wonder: Faith, Ethics, and Epistemology in Medieval and Early Modern England"
Hammond, T. (Asst. Professor) Teaching, Learning, and Technology "Using Augmented Reality to Transform Middle Level Social Studies Education"
Hoelscher, E. (Professor) Theatre "Designing Absurdism: Ionesco's Rhinoceros"
Liang, C. (Assoc. Professor) Counseling Psychology "On the Court to Stay Out of Court: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Local Area Midnight Basketball Program"
Marsh, J. (Asst. Professor) Psychology "Defining the Lay Concept of Mental Illness"

Sherer, S. (Professor)
Meyerhoefer, C. (Professor)


"Physician Adoption of Electronic Health Records:  An Institutional Theory Perspective"
Silova, I. (Professor) Comparative and International Education "Globalizing Minds: Rhetoric and Realities in International Schools"
Spletzer, J. (Professor) Computer Science and Engineering "A GPS/INS Solution for the Lehigh Mapping Trike"

Strandwitz, N. (Asst. Professor)
Chan, H. (Professor)         

Materials Science and Engineering "Controlled Crystallization of Atomic Layer Deposited Aluminum Oxide"
Whitley, E. (Assoc. Professor) English "Research and data entry to update The Vault at Pfaff’s"

Wood, B. (Asst. Professor)

Special Education "Comparing the use of Academic and Behavioral Priming to Increase the Engagement of Young Children with Challenging Behavior"
Yao, Y. (Assoc. Professor) Management "Ownership, Inventory and Profitability: An Empirical Analysis of Manufacturing Firms"
Zhang, X. (Assoc. Professor) MEM/Bioengineering "How mechanical force initiates platelet activation"


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