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FRG - Fall 2014

PI and Co-PI PI Department Title
Ambar, S.
(Assoc. Professor)
Political Science "American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Defense of Liberalism in America"
Baltrusaitis, J.
(Asst. Professor)
Chemical Engineering "Light assisted shale gas component transformation to value added products"
Buceta, J.
(Assoc. Professor)
Chemical Engineering "Limb Formation: Pattern Homeostasis and Tissue Growth"
Cassimeris, L.
Biological Sciences "Does the intracellular ER stress pathway cause equine laminitis?"
Cook, C.
Modern Languages "Reading the 3rd Century BCE Tsinghua University Bamboo Texts"
Iovine, K.
(Assoc. Professor)
Biological Sciences "Establishing the fin ray joint as a system to define articular cartilage regeneration"

Jedlicka, S.
(Asst. Professor)
Ou-Yang, D.

Materials Science

"Establishment of 3D Neuronal Cell Culture System for Examination of Neuronal Mechanotransduction"
Landskron, K.
(Assoc. Professor)
Chemistry "Nanoporous liquids"
Pettegrew, J.
(Assoc. Professor)
History "From Book to Documentary Film: Extending My Scholarly Monograph to a Wide Audience through the Enhanced E-Book"

Sahagian, D.
Diplas, P.

Earth & Env. Sciences
Civil & Env. Engineering

"Why Rivers Meander"
Salerni, P.
Music "YouTube Video: Recording Session of For Love or Money"
Toulouse, J.
Physics "Thermoelectricity in Doped and/or Highly Reduced Oxide Compounds"
Wesson, C.
Sociology & Anthropology "Forging an Iron Age Community: Archaeological Investigations of Caerau Hillfort, Cardiff, Wales"

Yang, M.
(Assoc. Professor)
Chou, S.

Economics "Prenatal Exposure to Fire and Infant Health at Birth"
Yu, Y. (Asst. Professor) Mathematics "High-Performance Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Solver for Modeling Aneurysms"


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