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FRG - Fall 2015

PI PI Department Title
Anna Chupa Art, Architecture and Design Color-Field Miniatures, Vernacular Architecture and Botanicals: A Quilting and Surface Design Exhibition
John Savage History The French Revolution in the Caribbean: Beyond Haiti
Peggy Kong CIE Discovering Immigrant Families and Youth: Photovoice to address methodological challenges
Amy Forsyth Art, Architecture and Design Three Exhibitions and a Catalogue: A new body of furniture work and drawings
Keith Moored MEM Measurement of the Dynamic Forces and Moments Acting on Three-Dimensional Propulsors in Flocks and Schools
Kwame Essien History and Africana Studies Collaborators, Traitors and Opportunists in Ghanaian History: Elmina Chief Kweku Andoh’s Contributions to Colonialism in Ghana
Marina Puzakova Marketing When Crowding Decreases Desire for Humanness: The Negative Effect of Crowding on Consumer Preference for Anthropomorphized Brands
Hyun-Tae Jung Art, Architecture and Design The Shape of the Frontier: The Joint Security Area in the Korean Demilitarized Zone, ca 1976

Arpana Inman

Counseling Psychology Experience of race and racism among 1.5 and 2nd generation Asian Indians in the United States
Brook Sawyer
Sothy Eng
The impact of early childhood education program participation on parents and children: An examination of parental beliefs, parental practices, and children’s early academic skills
Suzanne Edwards English The Afterlives of Rape in Medieval English Literature
Edurne Portela Modern Languages and Literatures El eco de los disparos: Cultura y memoria de la violencia [The Echo after the Guns: Culture and Memory of Violence]
Amardeep Singh English The Kiplings and India: A Digital Collection


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