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FRG Awards - Spring 2008

PI and CO

PI Department


Booth, R. (Asst. Prof.)

Earth and Environmental

What is a Natural Ecosystem? Assessing the Anthropogenic Origin of Quaking Mires

Brown, D. ( Assoc. Prof.)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Investigation of ph shift at the bacterial cell surface upon adhesion: implications for adhesion-mediated changes to cellular bioenergetics

Chuah, M. (Assoc. Prof.)
Spletzer, J. (Asst. Prof.)

Computer Sciences and Engineering
Computer Sciences and Engineering

A Smart-wheelchair System for Home Care Research

Cook, C. (Prof.)

Chinese Language and Literature

Clans and Vessels in Ancient China

Crassons, K. (Prof.) 


The Claims of Poverty: Literature, culture and Ideology in late Medieval England

Hojnoski, R. (Asst. Prof.)

Education and Human Services

Development and Piloting of a Parent Child Intervention for Early Number Sense

Itzkowitz, M.(Prof.)
Mullen, S. (Asst. Prof.)


Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences

The Behavioral and genetic consequences of large-scale habitat disturbance on a coral reef damselfish community

Richardson, T. (Assoc. Prof.)

Counseling Psychology; Education and Human Services

Mentoring African American Women in Higher Education Leadership

Savage, J. (Assoc. Prof.)


Napoleon’s Atlantic

SenGupta, A. (Prof.)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Developing an Inexpensive Yet Precise Arsenic analysis Technique for Remote Villages in the Indian Subcontinent

Warfield, B. (Assoc. Prof.)
Albulescu, E. (Asst. Prof.)


Piano Concerto

Wu, P.S. (Asst. Prof.)


Patterning for Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals using Medaka fish Model


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