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FRG Awards - Spring 2009

PI and CO

PI Department


Briggs, C. (Asst. Prof.)

International Relations & Environmental Studies

European Environmental & Energy Security

Cassimeris, L. (Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Targeted Death of Cancer Cells

Chou, S. (Assoc. Prof.)


Parental Loss and Children's Educational Attainment

Cundall, D. (Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Cover cost of attending 2 Herpetologists' Meeting

Cutcliffe, S. (Prof.  Emeritus)


To support publication of The Illusory Boundary: Environmental and Technology in History

Deily, M. (Prof.)

Department of Economics

Investigate how increased competition in the market for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery in Pennsylvania affected the quality of patients health outcomes

LeMaster, M. (Asst. Prof.)


Cost of 2 week course with Moravian Archives essential to continue research to write second book.

Mattern, J. (Assoc. Prof.)

International Relations

From Transnational Criminal to Transnational Terrorist: The Unintended Consequences of International Policing

Nicholas, M. (Assoc. Prof.)

Modern Languages and Literature

Russian Conceptualism

Pankenier, D. (Prof.)

Modern Languages and Literature

Archaeoastronomy and the "Celestial Thearch" in Prehistoric China

Ridings, C. (Assoc. Prof.)


IT Use and Impact in Locally Produced Food Systems

Stavola, M. (Prof.)

Department of Physics

Experimental study of defects and impurities in silicon solar-cell materials that affect solar-cell efficiency

Stegmann, V. (Assoc. Prof.)

Modern Languages and Literature

Balancing the Global and the Local in Anna Segher's Postwar Prose

Traister, B. (Prof.)


Transcription of alchemical manuscript "Of Appoticarie Drugs"

Viscardi, A. (Prof.)

Art and Architecture

"A Visual Journal"

Weintraub, S. (Prof.)


Humbert Surfaces and Linear Algebra

Yan, Z. (Asst. Prof.)

Electrical & Computer Engineering

FPGA Implementation of Efficient Algorithms for MIMO Detection

Yoshida, R. (Prof. and Provost Emeritus)  


How influential is prestige in Teacher and Administrator Choice to work at American International Schools


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