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FRG Awards - Spring 2011

PI and CO

PI Department


Caskie, G. (Asst. Prof.)

Education and Human Services

Congruence of Self-Report Indicators of Health Conditions in Mexican-American Older Adults

Columba, L. (Assoc. Prof.)

Education and Human Services

Mathematical Discourse in Shared Storybook Reading

Crassons, K. (Asst. Prof.)


Days of Miracle and Wonder: Religious Faith and Literary Representation in Late Medieval England

Hojnoski, R. (Asst. Prof.)

Education and Human Services

Examining the Technical Adequacy of Early Mathematics Measures for Preschoolers

Iovine, M. (Assoc. Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Putting Cx43 in its place: Determination of the signaling pathways that regulate Cx43 expression and function

Lee, K (Assoc. Prof.)

Modern Languages & Literature

An Exploration of Emerging Nationhood through Global Schooling: A case of Japanese Language School in the United States

LeMaster, M. (Asst. Prof.)


Crisis and Conflict in the Early Carolinas

Malt, B (Prof.)


Cross-language Lexical Interaction

Meyerhoefer, C. (Asst. Prof.)


Do Physical Education Requirements Influence Childhood Obesity and Student Achievement?

Nicolopoulou, A. (Prof.)


Developing an Assessment Instrument to Evaluate the Narrative and Cognitive Difficulty of Children's Books

Salas, J. (Asst. Prof.)

Finance and Law

CEO firm allegiance and US compensation patterns

Salerni, P. (Prof.)


Rehearsal/Recording of "The Room Upstairs"

Saunders, T. (Asst. Prof.)

Sociology and Anthropology

Studying the Relationship between Afro Diasporic Cultures, Music-based Activism and Social Change in Latin America

Ware, V. (Assoc. Prof.)

Biological Sciences

Exploring Differential Functions of the Ribosomal Protein RpL22e Family in Spermatogenesis in Drosophilia melanogaster

Yang, M. (Asst. Prof.)


Buy What is Advertised on Television? Evidence from Bans on Child-Directed Food Advertising

Zirkel, P. (Prof.)

Education and Law

An Exploratory Study of the Representativeness of Published Court Decisions in Special Education Law

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