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FRG Awards - Spring 2012

PI and Co-PI
PI Department
Ambar, S. (Asst. Prof.) Political Science Travel to Ralph J. Bunche Center
Anastasio, D. (Prof.) Earth and Environmental Sciences Backstop Finding: High-Resolution Thrust Front Reconstruction Using Terrestrial Growth Strata, Pyrenees, Spain
Armstrong,M.(Assoc. Prof.) Modern Languages and Literatures Marius Roux and Emile Zola, or 'a Mouse may be of Service to a Lion'
Dong, B. (Asst. Prof.) Marketing The Mediating Mechanisms and Financial Outcomes of Customer Participation: Insights from the Health Care Industry
Felzer, B. (Asst. Prof.) Earth and Environmental Sciences Measuring Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks and Fluxes from Pennsylvania Dairy Farms and Suburban Turflawns
Itzkowitz, M. (Prof.)
Rice, A. (Asst. Prof.)
Biological Sciences Ecological Correlates of Hybridization in Some Jamaican Damselfish
Price, S. (Asst. Prof.) Finance Market Reaction, Revised Proceeds, and the Classification of Season Equity Offerings: The Case if REITs
Salerni, P. (Prof.) Music Chamber Music Recording
Small, D. (Prof.) Sociology and Anthropology Analyzing Iron Age Cretan Community Social Evolution Through Evidence of Funeral Feasting
Spokane, A. (Prof.)
White, G. (Prof.)
Education and Human Services Coding the Built Environment of Middle Schools for Studying the Behavior, Achievement and Health of Students, Faculty and Administrators
Yaqub, A. (Assoc. Prof.) Philosophy Compiling Indices for Two Books
Zhang, L. (Assoc. Prof.) Mathematics Propagation of Nerve Impulses in Delayed Synaptically Coupled Neuronal Networks
Zhang, Y. (Asst. Prof.) Sociology and Anthropology People: Men, Women, Highly Educated Women"


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