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FRG - Spring 2014

PI and Co-PI PI Department Title
Arrington, C.
(Assoc. Professor)
Psychology "Cognitive Control During Multitask Performance"
Booth, R.
(Assoc. Professor)
Earth & Environmental Sciences "Light intensity and peatland testate amoebae: assessing a potential new tool in studies of peatland carbon accumulation"
Bush, M.
(Asst. Professor)
Modern Languages and Literature "Pragmatic Passions: Melodrama and Latin American Social Narrative"
Gill, M.
(Assoc. Professor)
Psychology "The Implicit Association Test Does Not Measure Unconscious Prejudice"
Kart, S.
(Asst. Professor)
Art, Architecture & Design/Africana Studies "Research, Publication and Public Presence at the 11th Dak’Art Biennale, Senegal 2014"
Katakalos, M.
(Asst. Professor)
Theatre "Designing The Late Wedding"
Lee, J.
(Asst. Professor)
Marketing "Enhancing the Effects of Technological Capabilities on Innovation Performance: Why Market-Driven Structure is a Key"

Miller, M.
(Asst. Professor) 


Religion Studies Department/Africana Studies Program "K(no)w Where to Go: Diasporic Transatlantic Commuters and Escaping the Permanence of “American” Racism"
Pires da Motta Veiga, S.
(Asst. Professor)
Management "Happy at work: An integrative model of motivation, passion, and calling in organizational research"

Sun, X.
(Assoc. Professor)

Mathematics "Moduli Spaces of Canonical Metrics in Geometry and String Theory"
Thevenin, D.
(Asst. Professor)
Chemistry "Role of the transmembrane regions in the interaction between Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatases and Receptor Tyrosine Kinase"
Zhang, L.
(Assoc. Professor)
Mathematics "The Existence of Global Smooth Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Fluid Dynamics Equations"


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