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FRG - Spring 2015

PI PI Department Title
Johnson, K. (Assoc. Professor) Theatre Act Like You Know: Towards a Digital Record of Hip Hop Theatre
Laible, D. (Assoc. Professor) Psychology Children's helping, sharing, and comforting of ingroup and outgroup others
Lebovic, N. (Asst. Professor) History On Zionism and Melancholy: The Short Life of Israel Zarchi
Nikolov, N. (Asst. Professor) Art, Architecture and Design Combining Structural Topology Optimization and Big Area Additive Manufacturing – A Case Study
Pepper, J. (Asst. Professor) Physics Enabling Large-Scale Detection of Variable Stars
Pires, M. (Asst. Professor) Chemistry Establishment of an Unprecedented Protein Modification – Two is Better Than One
Quiel, S. (Asst. Professor) Civil and Environmental Engineering Limits of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Analysis of Structural Response to Blast
Stavola, M. (Professor) Physics Deep-Level-Transient Spectroscopy Apparatus for the Study of Impurities in Semiconducting Oxides
Warfield, W. (Assoc. Professor) Music A compilation recording of Bill Warfield Big Band recordings in an analog format


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