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FRG - Spring 2016

PI PI Department Title
Amanda Brandone Psychology Theory of Mind and Mature Social Cognition
Derick Brown Civil and Environmental Engineering Effects of adhesion on the long-term survival of bacteria and implications for development of engineered surface coatings
William Bulman History The Rise of the Majority
Lesley Chow Materials Science and Engineering Advanced bioinks for 3D printing multifunctional scaffolds
Nadini Deo Political Science Corporate Social Responsibility and Civil Society in India
Natanya Duncan History Amy Adeyola Garvey: Mother of the Outside The Re-Making of Amy Ashwood Garvey in West Africa and England
Lucy Gans Art, Architecture and Design Green Printmaking

Robin Hojnoski

School Psychology A Family Support Approach to Promoting School Readiness: A Pilot Study

Marietta Peytcheva

Accounting Is Sufficient Audit Evidence Best Measured by Quantity? An Organizational Exploration of Averaging as a Stimulus-Combination Rule in Impression Formation
Nicholas Sawicki Art, Architecture and Design Friedrich Feigl (1884-1965): The Eye Sees the World
Anthony Viscardi Art, Architecture and Design Shadow Landings An Immersive Art Installation
Xiaoji Xu Chemistry Nanospectroscopic and Nanomechanical Studies on the Formation Mechanism of Aerosols in Urban Air Pollution


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