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FRG - Spring 2017

PI Department Title
Connie Cook Modern Languages and Literatures Professional indexing for the books Birth in Ancient China and Ancestors, Kings, and the Dao
Greg Ferguson Chemistry Fundamental Studies of the Formation and Decomposition of Oxide Thin Films
Dawn Keetley English Making a Monster: Jesse Pomeroy, the Boy Murderer of 1870s Boston
Jenna Lay English Shaping the Word: Women, the Bible, and Early Modern Literature
Ageliki Nicolopoulou Psychology Assessment Instrument to Evaluate the Narrative Complexity of Children’s Picture Storybooks
Alex Nikolsko-Rzeheveskyy Economics The Life of Us: Order Revisions on NASDAQ
Brook Sawyer Teaching, Learning and Technology Investigation of the School Readiness Beliefs and Practices of Immigrant Families
Roslyn Weiss Philosophy Translation of Light of the Lord by Hasdai Crescas
Frank Zhang Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics The role of adhesion molecules and mechanical force in CAR-T cell cancer immunotherapy


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