IRBNet for IACUC - Submitting Applications Electronically

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Submitting Applications: Protocol applications are required to be submitted through IRBNet. IRBNet is secure, web-based, easy to use, and accessible from virtually any computer.

IRBNet Log-in and Training Materials:
Tutorial: New User Registration – registering for IRBNet. Each individual user must register and affiliate with Lehigh University.
Tutorial: New Project Submission - creating, designing, sharing, signing, and submitting new IRBNet Projects to submit a new application to the IACUC. 
Tutorial: Submitting Subsequent Packages – *creating, designing, sharing, signing, and submitting new Packages on existing IRBNet Projects. You must create a new Package each time you submit a response to Modifications Required to Secure Approval on an IACUC submission, a Modification/Amendment to an IACUC-approved protocol, or an annual Renewal (including 4th year Renewals) on an IACUC-approved protocol.
Tutorial: Signing IRBNet Packages – reviewing and signing IRBNet packages that have been shared with you.

Need additional help? Contact the Research Integrity office for assistance in-person or by Zoom web conference.