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ORSP - Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal

Please complete the information below. The following resources might be helpful in completing the form.

Proposal Submission Policy
Animal in Research: Policy / Forms
Human Subjects Research



Addendum to Policy on Disclosure of Investigator Significant Financial Interests Related to Sponsored Projects 8/24/12 (.pdf)
Financial Interests Disclosure Form 8/24/12 (.pdf)


Enter full address - e.g.,
PI (Enter first and last name)
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Is this an NSF-defined "Collaborative Research" proposal?
Is Lehigh University the lead institution if this is an NSF Collaborative Proposal?
Will Lehigh be issuing a subcontract to another institution, or accepting a subcontract from another institution?
Cost share or match required? (Only to be included if required by the program solicitation.)
Other non-Lehigh significant persons involved in this proposal. Provide name(s), role in the proposed research, and institutional affiliation.
Does the project involve animals in research?
Will there be human subjects involved in the proposed research?
Do you have a budget already drafted?
If you DO NOT have a draft budget. Please submit the following information e.g. PI 1 mo/year, Domestic Travel $2K/year

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