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Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE CODE) 4D371
DUNS Number 808264444
Employer ID Number (EIN) and Federal Tax ID 24-0795-445
Federal Interagency Committee on Education Code (FICE) 003289
North America Industry Classification Code (NAICS) 611310
NSF Submitting Institution Code 003289600033
SIC Code has been replaced by NAICS
Institutional Research University Statistics
Congressional - as of May 1, 2018 7th
PA House 133
PA Senatorial 18th
Asset Capitalization Threshold $5,000
CASB Disclosure DS-2 filed 31 March 2006
Date Lehigh University Founded 1865
Inflation Factor 3%
Mileage Rate for business travel - effective 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021 56.0 cents/mile
PHS Form Misconduct in Science filed (PHS-6349) 31 March 2017
U.S. DOE Assurance of Compliance (1910-0400) 16 Oct 2009
SAM Registration (annual renewal) 24 February 2022 Expiration