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Research Cafe

Started as an experiment in the Summer of 2015, Research Cafe provides an opportunity for substantive exchange among members of the faculty on topics of shared or intersecting interest, in a "pop up faculty club" environment.

Research Cafe is brought to life by the members of the faculty who suggest topics and share their work, ideas and questions. Interested in organizing a Cafe? Please contact us at

Past sessions

Boundaries and interfaces - August 5, 2015
Throughout the material and social worlds we find examples of isolation and separation. Some are necessary, as in confinement of material within a cell so that life process can take place. Others are useful and adaptive, as in organization of distinct academic fields so that concepts can crystallize and mature, or formation of social groups within which people can form cohesive and supportive bonds, yet can also give rise to barriers. Some are functional and manipulable, as in the distribution of constituents in a metal alloy. Some are historical, or possibly arbitrary, as in the lines that determine where each child goes to school.  In all cases, interesting things happen at the interfaces.
Speakers: Craig Hochbein (Educational Leadership), Greg Lang (Biological Sciences/Evolutionary Biology), Amber Rice (Biological Sciences/Ecology), and Martin Harmer (Materials Science and Engineering)
Public Scholarship - July 16, 2015
The term Public Scholarship can mean different things to different people, depdending upon the nature, and the goals, of engagement. In this session, we took on the following questions:
  1. How does academy engage with populations outside the campus borders in a meaningful, reciprocal way?
  2. How does one position highly academic work in a way that is translatable and usable by the larger world?
  3. In what ways can scholarship bring about change - social, entrepreneurial, environmental, political, etc. - that is positive?
Speakers and facilitators: Ed Whitley (English, Mellon Digital Humanities Program), Sarah Stanlick (Sociology, Center for Community Engagement), Monica Miller (Religion Studies; Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies), Ziad Munson (Sociology)

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