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Student Research Exhibition

Between sessions, please visit our exhibition of undergraduate and graduate student research. Students will be there to show their work and answer your questions.


Undergraduate Student Exhibitions

Dominique A. Brown
Faculty Sponsor: Lucy C. Gans

Ivy Knoll Archaeology: A Glimpse Into the Trade Networks of the Archaic-Woodland Transitional Period
Sophie C. Dent
Faculty Sponsor: Cameron Wesson

Consequences of Consonance: Sound Similarity Increases Semantic Interference
Alexandra K. Frazer, Jennifer K. Lewis, Kimberly C. Preusse, Carla G. Prieto
Faculty Sponsor: Padraig G. O’Seaghdha

Dynamic Bus Shelter
Lisa M. Glover
Faculty Sponsor: Christine E. Ussler

Cell Responses to Substrate Topography
Sonoko S. Nakasato
Faculty Sponsor: Tianbo Liu

A Novel PAD4 Assay Using a Fluorescent Molecule
Erin L. Wildeman
Faculty Sponsor: Marcos Pires

Graduate Student Exhibitions

Physical properties of the Be Star Disks in h and chi Persei
Amber N. Boyer
Faculty Sponsor: M. Virginia McSwain

A Model of Fission-Yeast Cell Shape Driven by Membrane-Bound Growth Factors
Tyler G. Drake
Faculty Sponsors: Dimitrios Vavylonis

Detection of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors using Back-Scattering Interferometry
Gabrielle L. Haddad
Faculty Sponsor: Robert A. Flowers

Biological Characterization of TAMP Scaffolds for Hard Tissue
Tia J. Kowal
Faculty Sponsor: Matthias M. Falk

Assessing Thermochronometer Systematics in a Natural Geologic Setting, Little Devil’s Postpile, Yosemite National Park
Jennifer L. Schmidt
Faculty Sponsor:  Peter K. Zeitler

Understanding the Potential Energy Surface of CO Oxidation with Ozone and Au Atoms (and Dimers) Utilizing DFT and AIMD
Angela N. Smith 
Faculty Sponsor: David T. Moore


Undergraduate Student Exhibitions

Accounting for Business Combinations and Consolidated Financial Statements Based on US GAAP and Its Comparisons to IFRS
Perri D. Brendzel, Eric M. Goldstein, Diana S. Lee, Julie A. Marks
Faculty Sponsor: Heibatollah Sami

Predictive FIP:  Forecasting Earned Run Average in Baseball
Glenn B. DuPaul
Faculty Sponsor: James A. Dearden

Financial Analysis and Valuation of The Cheesecake Factory
Andrew V. Iftode, Matthew F. Isabella, Vincent J. Pellegrini
Faculty Sponsor: Samuel C. Weaver

The Lehigh UN Partnership Program Project
Tai-Sung (Peter) P. Park
Faculty Sponsor: Steven Savino

Graduate Student Exhibitions

The Effect of Household Technology on Obesity and Weight Gain Among Chinese Female Adults: Evidence from China’s ‘Home Appliances Going to the Countryside Policy’
Cheng Chen
Faculty Sponsor: Shin-Yi Chou

The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Youth Labor Markets in the Great Lakes Region
Shanshan Liu
Advisor: Thomas J. Hyclak

The Impact of Depression on Labor Market Outcomes
Lizhong Peng
Faculty Sponsor: Chad Meyerhoefer

The Intergenerational Transmission of Low Birth Weight: A Large Multigenerational Cohort Study in Taiwan
Mengcen Qian
Advisor: Shin-Yi Chou

To Be or Not to Be: An Optimum Currency Area for South Asia
Krishna P. Regmi
Faculty Sponsor: Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy and Robert J. Thornton


Graduate Student Exhibitions

The Effect of Classroom Response Systems on Critical Reading and Writing in Biology
Cynthia Adams
Faculty Sponsor:  H. Lynn Columba

The Impact of the Food for Thought Program on Education and Community in Cambodia: An Evaluation and Survey of Parental Attitudes
Allyson K. Baer
Faculty Sponsor: Iveta Silova

Counseling Psychology
Elizabeth R. DeBoer Kreider
Faculty Sponsor: Arpana G. Inman

Graduate Education to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration: Identifying Individual Competencies and Developmental Training Strategies
Valerie Ciocca Holt
Faculty Sponsor: Jill Sperandio

Teacher-to-teacher Consultation: Facilitating Transitions for Students with ADHD
Matthew J. Gormley
Faculty Sponsor: Patricia H. Manz

Special Education
Amanda L. Helman
Faculty Sponsor: Lee Kern


Undergraduate Student Exhibitions

Optimal Control of Plasma Fluctuations in HELCAT Device
Jason P. Barry, David R. Huxley-Cohen
Faculty Sponsor: Eugenio Schuster

Bioactive Glass-modified Poly(glycerol sebacate) For Bone Tissue Engineering
Alexander T. Brown
Faculty Sponsor: Sabrina S. Jedlicka

In Vitro Examination of Poly (glycerol sebacate) Degradation Kinetics:  Effects of Porosity and Cure Temperature
Nadia M. Krook
Faculty Sponsor: Sabrina S. Jedlicka

Hydraulic Cylinder Production Capacity
Guy P. Gamble, Meltem Ozmadenci
Faculty Sponsor: Emory W. Zimmers

A Time-Series Analysis of the effect of Protein Flexibility on Binding Cavity Shape
Steven R. Stinson
Faculty Sponsor: Brian Y. Chen

Phone Analytics for Ground Crew Efficiency
Matthew M. Tessitore, Michael L. Beddow
Faculty Sponsors: Ronald W. Crane and Sharon M. Kalafut

Graduate Student Exhibitions

Electrochemical Transformation of Crude Oil in Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR)
Ehsan Ghazanfari
Faculty Sponsor: Sibel Pamukcu

Mixed Integer Second Order Cone Optimization (MISOCO): Disjunctive Conic-Cuts Theory and Experiments
Julio C. Góez
Faculty Sponsors: Tamás Terlaky

The Price of Your Anonymity
Abhishek Mishra
Faculty Sponsor: Parvathinathan Venkitasubramaniam

Robust Healthcare Financing Systems
Tengjiao Xiao and Shuyi Wang
Faculty Sponsor: Aurélie Thiele

3D Cytosketetal Network Segmentation with Multiple Active Contours
Ting Xu
Faculty Sponsor: Xiaolei Huang

III-Nitride Based Thermoelectric for Energy-Efficiency Technology
Jing Zhang, Guangyu Liu
Faculty Sponsor: Nelson Tansu


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