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The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) manages intellectual property developed at Lehigh with the goal of enhancing the economic and societal impact of our creative work. OTT works closely with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship and Creativity, the Office of Government Relations and Economic Development, and faculty, staff and students to facilitate dissemination of scholarly work through entrepreneurial and established business channels.

VISION: To foster and create a culture/environment of innovation at Lehigh, while being a high quality value-adding and service-centric resource for “Advancing Lehigh’s Intellectual Footprint"

MISSION: The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at Lehigh University (LU) manages, protects and licenses to industry, the intellectual property developed and created at Lehigh, while serving faculty, staff and students in all aspects of intellectual property. More, specifically, OTT:
• protects LU intellectual property (IP)
• markets and licenses university technologies
• negotiates materials transfer, confidentiality and license agreements
• supports regional, state and national economic development
• promotes new and existing industry and government relationships
• consults with sponsored research on IP aspects of research contracts
• ensures university compliance with federal regulations related to IP
• educates the university community regarding IP and tech-transfer process


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For additional information, please contact us:

Rick Smith, MSEE, MBA, MS, CLP, RTTP
Phone: 610-758-5841

Margie Barry
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 610-758-5883

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