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Your questions, comments, and feeback are always welcome! For the most efficient response, please direct inquries as follows:

  IRB Questions IACUC Questions COI Questions Research Administration Policy and Procedure Development Export Control Foreign Talent Programs
Naomi E. Coll, MPH, CPH, CIP

Director of Research Policy and Compliance



  • All research administration policy and procedure development questions.


  • All questions related to foreign talent programs.
Matthew Dohn, Ph.D, CIP

Assistant Director, Research Integrity

  • Federal regulations and institutional policy.
  • Faculty-initiated research.
  • Dissertation or masters' thesis research.
  • Externally sponsored research.
  • IRB Authorization Agreements.
  • Committee membership.
  • Requests for consultations or educational presentations.
  • Federal regulations and institutional policy.
  • Reporting animal welfare concerns.
  • Collaborative agreements.
  • Externally-sponsored research.
  • Committee membership.
  • All export control questions.
Erin Karahuta, Ph.D, CIP

Research Integrity Manager

  • Human subjects research determinations (i.e. is IRB review required?).
  • Status of an IRB application.
  • Undergraduate-initiated research.
  • Online ethics tutorial.
  • Status of an IACUC application.
  • CITI training and qualification forms.
  • All COI questions.

Research Integrity
Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Alumni Memorial Building
27 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015