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Your questions, comments, and feeback are always welcome! For the most efficient response, please direct inquries as follows:

  IRB Questions IACUC Questions COI Questions Research Administration Policy and Procedure Development Export Control Foreign Government Interference in Academic Research
Naomi E. Coll, MPH, CPH, CIP

Director of Research Policy and Compliance



  • All research administration policy and procedure development questions.


  • All questions related to foreign government interference in academic research.
Matthew Dohn, Ph.D, CIP

Assistant Director, Research Integrity

  • Federal regulations and institutional policy.
  • Faculty-initiated research.
  • Dissertation or masters' thesis research.
  • Externally sponsored research.
  • IRB Authorization Agreements.
  • Committee membership.
  • Requests for consultations or educational presentations.
  • Federal regulations and institutional policy.
  • Reporting animal welfare concerns.
  • Collaborative agreements.
  • Externally-sponsored research.
  • Committee membership.
  • All export control questions.
Erin Karahuta, Ph.D, CIP

Research Integrity Manager

  • Human subjects research determinations (i.e. is IRB review required?).
  • Status of an IRB application.
  • Undergraduate-initiated research.
  • Online ethics tutorial.
  • Status of an IACUC application.
  • CITI training and qualification forms.
  • All COI questions.

Research Integrity
Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Alumni Memorial Building
27 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015