University Sabbatical Fellows

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We are pleased to announce a new program from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research to support full-year sabbatical leaves. This competitive University Sabbatical Fellows Program will provide opportunities for highly research-active faculty to take two-semester academic leaves at full base salary.

Inaugural 2024-2025 Fellows


Eligibility for the full-year sabbatical program will follow the standard 7-year sabbatical cycle. Faculty will apply to the full-year program at the same time as they submit standard requests for academic leaves. We anticipate supporting up to five University Sabbatical Fellows per year. Fellows will be selected in a process coordinated by the VPR and Provost’s Offices. As with standard leave requests, applications will be approved by relevant Department Chairs and Deans before consideration.


  • Candidates will be selected based on a compelling case that a full year of leave will make a substantive difference to their level of research activity and/or impact (e.g., by enabling a prestigious opportunity, leading a large proposal, an unusual data collection opportunity, etc.)

  • Candidates should also show evidence of actively seeking external sabbatical support, as available by discipline (e.g., Fulbright, Guggenheim, Sage Foundation, etc.).


For each Fellow, the OVPR will provide funds to replace one-semester of teaching to departments and/or programs. This may take one of two forms: (a) OVRP will provide funds to support adjunct coverage of up to two courses, or (b) OVPR will match (at 50%) department funds to hire a visiting assistant professor for one year. Note that this program also entails generous financial support from the Colleges, which will not recoup salary they otherwise receive when faculty take full-year leaves at half pay.

Application process

Applications will be due at the same time as requests for academic leaves. More detailed information will be forthcoming; however, faculty who wish to be considered for a full-year sabbatical at full base salary will submit a proposal including the following:

  1. A one-to-two page narrative including: 

    1. A compelling case that a full year of leave will substantively elevate their research activity or profile over what would be possible with the standard half-year leave;

    2. A list of (planned) external applications for sabbatical support. If an awarded University Sabbatical Fellow successfully secures external salary support, the University will cover the difference (if any) between the external award and the faculty member’s full-year base salary.

  2. An academic CV.