Research Integrity

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The privilege of membership in an academic community comes with responsibility for conducting our work with integrity. In our roles as producers and disseminators of new knowledge, members of the university community must undertake their work guided by dispassionate inquiry and open, constructive exchange, with respect for other people, and with respect for and good stewardship of our resources. As mentors and as leaders of research programs, members of the faculty have particular responsibilities in assuring integrity in conduct of research and dissemination of results. However, all members of the university community – faculty, staff and students – should assume personal responsibility for how they conduct their own work and an active, constructive interest in the integrity of our research programs.

Research Integrity web resources include policies and procedures, guidance documents, tutorial materials, opportunities for training, and contact information. The material provided here includes coverage of specific requirements for all faculty, staff and students working on federally funded projects, including links to training programs that fulfill federal requirements, some of which are customized to cover issues commonly encountered in particular fields of study. Completion of required training is a condition of working on a federally funded project. Specific training is also a prerequisite to working with human subjects and with vertebrate animals. Understanding the principles of research integrity, and acting accordingly, is a universal responsibility.

University Ethics Hotline: 888-924-4450 or online
Anyone with concerns about research at Lehigh may use the University Ethics Hotline, which provides for anonymous reporting of concerns. The Hotline, at 888-924-4450, is available at all times. For more information on reporting of concerns and protection of those who report concerns, please visit this web page.