Standard Operating Procedure of Disclosing a Technology

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1. The Office of Technology Transfer immediately emails a copy of the standard invention disclosure form to the inventor.

2. After the invention disclosure form is completed and sent back to OTT, the staff at OTT verifies if the form is completely filled and signed.

3. A unique ID number is assigned to the case on the day the completely filled and signed invention disclosure form is received. The format for the invention ID used at Lehigh consists of the date of disclosure in MMDDYY format, followed by a "-" and a two digit number which is used to distinguish between two technologies disclosed on the same date. For example, if two technologies were disclosed on August 28, 2008, the ID numbers would be 07282008-01 and 07282008-02.

4. The invention disclosure, along with all of its required documents, is stored in a file.

5. A new record is created in Inteum (the IP management system at Lehigh). The inventor is notified when the entire process is complete.