Award Management

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Congratulations! You received an award!

The management of sponsored projects is a shared responsibility between the Project Investigator, the department, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), and Research Accounting.  Each individual or group has unique areas of primary responsibility.

The University requires that all sponsored projects be processed by ORSP, so please send all correspondence regarding a new award to ORSP immediately upon notification.

Contact your Contract & Grant Specialist for help in setting up and managing your award.

ORSP Training: Award Management (2020)

Getting Started

Award Set Up

Your Contract and Grant Specialist will set up your award in conjunction with Research Accounting. A new research index will be generated and shared with you along with an overview of the important elements of your award. These details will be included on an internal document called the Fund Requirements. Please review both the award terms and conditions and also the Fund Requirements. It is ultimately the PI's responsibility to remain compliant, meet deliverables, and spend funds in accordance with University and sponsor regulations, policies, and requirements.

Required RCR Training for Researchers

All undergraduate and graduate research assistants, post-doctoral researchers, and principal investigator faculty members receiving external research funding from NSF and NIH are required to undergo Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training within their discipline category. Training is required when funding is the result of proposals submitted after January 4, 2010. RCR training must be successfully completed within 30 days of the individual’s start date on the research project.

Visit Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Requirements to understand your obligation.

OneCard Program

Use the link below to learn how to set up and use a OneCard for research project purchases.

OneCard (Wells Fargo Corporate Credit Card Program)

Managing Your Award

Budget and Spending Guidance

Visit our Budget and Spending Tips page for guidance on remaining fiscally compliant throughout your award.

Effort Reporting

The federal government requires an effort report when an individual is compensated by or has agreed to contribute time to a federally sponsored project. All faculty who serve as investigators on sponsored agreements are personally responsible to certify the amount of effort that they and their employees spent on sponsored activities.

Visit the Research Handbook to learn more. Additional information is also available here


For help with setting up payroll and any payroll questions, please contact Payroll.


Before you go, review Lehigh’s Travel Policy.

Save all original receipts related to travel (boarding passes, ground transportation, meals, accomodations, etc.).

Lehigh uses the GSA per diem rates for meals and lodgings.

Foreign travel: the exchange rate must be noted and each receipt must show the amount in US dollars. Use the exchange rate that was in affect at the time of travel, not the current rate, as these fluctuate daily.

Per the Fly America Act, all airline travel on federal grants must be on U.S. flag carriers or codeshare partners. The only exception is if air travel takes place from city to city within a foreign country.

Outgoing Subawards

When the opportunity arises, a portion of a research project effort may be provided by one or more other institutions or organization (third parties) who are responsible for a specific part of the project.  When the portion of effort to be performed by a third party constitutes a substantive component of the “science”, the third party is required to independently provide the resources and personnel necessary to conduct that portion of the work.

Contact your CGS if you have questions or need assistance related to the inclusion of a subaward in your proposal.

Subrecipient Monitoring

Refer to the Subrecipient Monitoring Guidance (2022) for further detail. 

Subawards should be monitored to maintain compliance with the terms of the subaward and sponsor award.  It is important that the PI and other project staff share in the responsibility of monitoring subawards to ensure accountable stewardship of funds and performance of the work.  This includes:

  • Maintaining regular contact with the subrecipient PI to ensure that performance goals and objectives are achieved throughout the period of performance; this includes all reporting requirements.

  • Reviewing invoices for accuracy and consistency with the award terms and conditions, and collecting and reviewing required reports.

  • Notifying ORSP immediately of any issues that arise throughout the period of performance so that timely resolution can be sought.

  • Issuing subsequent Amendments/Modifications in a timely manner.

Subrecipient Invoice Review

Invoices are received by, and routed for review and signature via DocuSign to the PI, Accounts Coordinator, and the CGS.  The purpose of PI review is to ensure that the subrecipient technical progress is aligned with the amount of the specific and cumulative invoice.  The PI must confirm (by signature) that the subrecipient has met the objectives or completed the deliverables during the invoice time period.  If not, the PI should discuss this with the subrecipient.

Subaward Closeout

Generally, ninety (90) days prior to a grant award end date, the CGS sends an email notification and reminder to the subrecipient Administrative Contact. The CGS coordinates with the subrecipient to ensure timely financial transactions as the project comes to a close. When all final reporting documentation is received, the CGS should acknowledge completion of the obligations by sending a final modification noting the subcontract is closed.

Visit the Research Handbook to learn more.

End of Award

Award Closeout

The award closeout process can often be complex, but don't worry, your assigned financial administrator and/or CGS will assist you in closing out the award, reconciling expenditures, terminating and/or transferring salaries to other projects or operating accounts, identifying and inventorying equipment, and resolving other close-out issues with the sponsor.

Visit the Award Closeout page for more information. 

Award Transfer

Planning on leaving Lehigh? New to Lehigh? Please contact your CGS as soon as possible to initiate the award transfer process.

Outgoing PI Checklist

Incoming PI Checklist

Incoming Award Spreadsheet