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fCOI Related to Research and Sponsored Programs Policy
The complete fCOI Related to Research and Sponsored Programs Policy is available here:
fCOI Glossary of Terms
Training - Presentation of the fCOI Related to Research and Sponsored Programs Policy
fCOI PHS Training Requirements
All PHS funded Investigators including sub-recipient Investigators, must complete fCOI training prior to engaging in any PHS funded research and at least every four (4) years thereafter. Lehigh University uses the web-based CITI Program to provide training on the federal requirements and Lehigh University's institutional policies. Instructions for registering and completing fCOI training on the CITI site are available here. Once the CITI course is complete, scores and completion reports are sent directly to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). ORSP maintains records of completion. 
In the event it is determined that an Investigator has failed to comply with Lehigh’s FCOI requirements, additional training may be required. 
Public Accessibility of a fCOI Related to PHS-funded Research
Managing Conflicts of Interest When Investigators Have Financial Interest or Operational Roles in Companies Sponsoring University Research
Faculty Ownership and Operation of Businesses, Consulting and Other External Professional or Business Activities
Determining if an SFI is Related
Other University conflict of interest-related policies and requirements
fCOI Disclosure Process in LIRA