Industry Licensing Process

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OTT welcomes any and all inquiries from the various industry sectors about Lehigh University’s available technologies. The following four steps briefly summarize the basic licensing process at Lehigh University (LU):

  1. Search the available technologies page or contact our office to learn more about the different technologies available for licensing.
  2. Non-confidential information about the invention will be initially shared with the interested party and if more detailed information is sought, a confidentiality agreement will need to be executed.
  3. The inventor/s will work with the interested party/company to discuss the technology in further detail and present the available data/information, demonstrating the status and performance of the technology.
  4. If the company shows further interest in the technology, OTT will negotiate an agreement that is mutually acceptable and beneficial to both the parties.
Please feel free to contact us @ (610) 758-5883 or with any specific questions.