Visiting Scholars Program

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We are pleased to announce a new Visiting Scholars Program from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. It is intended to support researchers from other institutions to spend time in residence at Lehigh for consultation and collaboration. The goal is to allow Lehigh researchers to build long-term relationships with collaborators and enhance the University’s reputation as a premier research institution. 


Proposals should assume visitors will visit Lehigh for one to two months. Proposing faculty looking to host a visiting scholar should work with their relevant departments, programs and/or institutes to find needed space (e.g., office) and secure matching funds (see below for more information). We anticipate funding up to five visiting scholars per year. 


Budget requests can include funds for Airbnb/long-term hotel in the Bethlehem area, travel expenses, and honorarium for visitors. Requests from the OVPR can be made for up to $16,000 ($8K/month). Proposers should also secure 25% matching funds from relevant hosting units (e.g., departments, programs, institutes).

Criteria for selection

  • Impact on Lehigh community: this includes numbers and names of potential collaborators with the proposed visitor, as well as junior faculty and early career researchers who would benefit from mentoring. Among other activities, we expect each visitor to give a research talk for a broad audience.

  • Potential research impact: this includes increased potential for future grant funding,  publications, creative work, etc.; and 

  • Readiness for visit: commitment of matching funds from hosting unit(s) and description of planned logistics to ensure a productive visit

Application process

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis for the first year (2023-2024). Before developing a proposal, we invite you to consult with Kate Bullard or Dominic Packer.

Proposers should submit the following materials through Infoready.

  • CV for the proposed visitor;

  • One-to-two page narrative responding to the criteria above, including how the Lehigh researchers and our research community will benefit from the visit;

  • Budget requested from OVPR and amount of matching funds pledged by hosting unit(s).