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COI Glossary
Design, Conduct, Reporting of Research Oversight, decision-making, or participation in research that includes creating the structure, roles, and/or protocol of a research project; participating in the execution of the research roles and protocol; participating in the publication, presentation, or discussion of the research results.
Direct Administration of Research Oversight or decision-making impacting research, such as selection of vendors, determining the allocation of funds, negotiating budgets, deliverables, or other terms with sponsors, protocol review and approval, or managing resulting intellectual property.
  • Programs funded by a sponsor through a grant, contract, or agreement with the university, including but not limited to research, education, testing, outreach, etc.; and
  • Programs funded through Lehigh University’s internal grant programs administered through the office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, herein referred to as “VPR”.
University Research Any research activity supported by university funds regardless of source.