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Upcoming Events

  • IRBNet 101 Info Session - Friday, Feb. 16th at 2:15pm: Join the Office of Research Integrity for a one-hour Zoom session providing an overview of IRB policies and the review process. The session is designed for students who are new to conducting human subjects research, as well as faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about the Lehigh IRB review process. Pre-registration is required via this link.
  • Using IRBNet Info Session - Friday, Feb. 23rd at 2:15pm: Join the Office of Research Integrity for a one-hour Zoom session covering the use of IRBNet for submitting research protocols for IRB review. This session is ideal for faculty, staff and students who are new to using IRBNet, as well as experienced submitters with specific questions concerning the online submission process. Pre-registration is required via this link.
  • Are there any topics you would like to see covered in a future Research Integrity event? Please reach out and let us know!


  • The IRB has recently removed the requirement for the submission of amendments for unfunded, exempt research protocols, where the proposed change to the previously approved protocol does not affect the level of risk to participants. For more information on this policy change, please review the recently updated Exempt Determination policy. Note: funded exempt protocols, as well as all expedited and full committee protocols, will still require the submission of amendments prior to researchers making any changes to previously approved research protocols. 
  • As part of recent university-wide policy changes, researchers are reminded that all payments to research participants must comply with the University Business and Travel Expense Policy. The Office of Research Accounting must be able to determine when any given research participant receives more than $600 in compensation within a single calendar year from Lehigh. To facilitate the tracking of total payments to research participants, investigators must maintain records of payments and ask each participant if they are being paid for involvement in other research studies at Lehigh University. If a participant indicates they are being paid for involvement in multiple studies at Lehigh, the PI must inform Research Accounting of the annual amount paid to that participant for their study, along with the participant's name and contact information.