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College of Education Researchers Awarded AERA/NSF Grant to Study Dual-Licensure Policies
Jihyun Kim and Esther Lindström have received funding to explore the effects of states’ dual-licensure policies on teacher preparation quality and outcomes for students with disabilities. 
Thursday, January 09, 2020
Excerpts from Gloria Naylor’s Unfinished Manuscript 'Sapphira Wade' Published for the First Time
The largely unknown manuscript is a draft of the opening chapter of a prequel to Naylor’s critically acclaimed novel Mama Day.
Friday, December 20, 2019
Mapping the energy transport mechanism of chalcogenide perovskite for solar energy use
Engineers at Lehigh University have characterized the thermal energy conversion mechanism in the lattice of an advanced nanomaterial called chalcogenide perovskite and demonstrated its “tunability”―important for its potential use in solar energy generation.
Friday, December 06, 2019
Neural Network Technique Identifies Mechanisms of Ferroelectric Switching
Joshua Agar’s AI technique has allowed him and his team to identify and visualize geometrically driven differences in ferroelectric domain switching, an important advancement for next-generation computing.
Thursday, October 24, 2019
An Experimental Initiative: The Lehigh Humanities Lab Fosters Interdisciplinary Collaboration
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded Lab invites faculty and students from all disciplines to explore unique approaches to teaching and research. 
Tuesday, October 08, 2019
New Biofabrication Method Creates One Scaffold to Guide Regeneration of Multiple Tissues
Lesley Chow and her team present a new 3D printing platform to fabricate multi-component scaffolds that “steal from nature” to engineer tissues organized like native tissues.
Monday, September 30, 2019
Team Discovers Polymorph Selection During Crystal Growth Can Be Thermodynamically Driven
Studying colloidal crystallization, Lehigh scientists show that kinetic effects may be unable to fully explain the appearance of structural transformations and that surface thermodynamics can be critical for driving transformations between crystal structures.
Friday, September 13, 2019
Lehigh to Host Robot Learning Workshop
The two-day October workshop is the second in a series of NSF-funded conferences and lectures hosted by the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC).
Thursday, September 05, 2019
Not in Gotham Anymore: Bioethics of Treating a Torturer’s PTSD Explored in Comic-Book Form
In her comic-book paper, Lehigh neuroscientist and artist Ann E. Fink explores the true tale of a psychiatrist and his traumatized patient, and argues that healing trauma entails obligations to society.
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Songbirds of the Same Smell Tend to Gel
Do birds have a sense of smell? According to new research from Amber Rice, chickadees do, and odor might play a role in mate selection among naturally hybridizing songbirds.
Friday, August 16, 2019