Posting Transactions to Accounts

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As PI, you will receive an internal Fund Requirement which provides you with a Fund number(s) associated with your award, the recorded budget, and award documents. You will also be alerted via email once the Fund is active. 

In the Banner system, the Fund number is called an Index. Funds cannot be established in the Banner system prior to the start date of the project. The Fund number, as well as an associated five-digit code called an Account Code*, will be utilized to charge expenses to the Fund. These codes can be found in your recorded budget or within the Banner system. Banner training is required for anyone who requests on-line access or hardcopy reports. Additional access is available through Desktop Finance. For more information on accessing your index through Banner, please visit the controller's website. For training information on Desktop Finance, please contact Bob Siegfried at or (610) 758-3142.

*(The Banner term used to classify financial activity by specific revenue source (tuition, fees, gifts, grants, etc.) or type of expense (salaries, wages, travel, equipment, etc.).  Account Codes are also used to classify assets, liabilities, and fund balances. An Account Code is a 5-digit code used together with an Index to record financial activity at the lowest or transaction level.


For complete information on the proper procedures related to reallocations, please read the reallocation policy thoroughly. You may also contact your Contract and Grant Specialist with questions.

Reallocation form
Reallocation justification form